Double Pane Glass and Windows Replacement

If you got your double pane window broken or cracked, you need to decide whether you need to get it repaired or replaced. If the crack is really big or both panes got broken, you will have to order double pane glass replacement service. Luckily, you have a double pane window replacement service in Chicago and neighborhood. ARAX Windows company has big experience at replacing single pane, dual pane, and triple glaze windows regardless of their size and type of frames. We gained a good reputation and have a big database of customers whose windows we maintain on a regular basis.

If it happened that your windows got broken by a storm, a baseball or by another accident, we would advise you to call for professionals immediately. Leaving a broken window is unsafe since it can cause injuries as well as damage your furniture and floor. Contact us and get us to replace a window pane on short notice. In such cases, we do our best to help customers as soon as possible, since broken glass affects their life.

Call ARAX and get a professional glass replacement for double pane window service as soon as possible. By asking for help immediately, you will save your money, time and lower the risk of being injured or damaging other parts of our house with sharp pieces of glass that can fall out of the frame at any time and cause an even bigger problem.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Double Pane Glass?

The cost to replace a double pane window depends on some factors. If only one pane is broken, there is no point to replace both panes. Experienced glaziers at ARAX make customized glass. Therefore, you will only need to arrange our technicians to visit your house or apartment and measure the size of panes. We will do our best to deliver and insert an identical panel and make your window look like new.

Replacing Double Pane Glass in Wood, Vinyl and Aluminum Frames

Double pane windows often come in vinyl aluminum and wood frames. Each looks very nice and considered quite durable. However, it doesn’t matter what material your window frame is made of if the glass got broken or cracked. We replace glass in vinyl double pane windows as well as we provide aluminum double pane window replacement by knowing the measurements of panels for the best fit.

We just want to tell you that we have an experience at working with all types of materials and not just working but repairing them. So if you got your window frame damaged too, we can deal with it. Repairing wood sash, fixing a locking arrangement and replacing a window seal are other services that we can provide together with installing a new glass pane.

Why Is It Safer to Get Your Double Pane Window Fixed by Professionals?

Dealing with broken glass is one of the worst things that can happen. While waiting for dual pane glass replacement service, you can hang a scotch tape all over it but you have to be very careful. If you press too hard, the whole pane can crack and break into small pieces. In case your window panes got smashed by a heavy storm or a falling tree, then you better ask for experts’ assistance. Having hundreds of small glass pieces in your house is very dangerous, especially if you have rugs.

ARAX technicians have all the necessary equipment to complete dual pane window replacement in your house or apartment. We use safety goggles, leather gloves, and other tools that help our workmen to get rid of all the broken glass and prepare a frame for installing new panels. Dealing with a broken window can be difficult because the panes are heavy especially if you have thick glass panes. If your window is positioned high or you have dual pane patio doors, then carrying such big panes can be difficult even for an average man.

We implement double pane replacement that leads to a great result. You are going to enjoy your new panes soon and enjoy the new look of your window. Save your time and money by having our workmen taking the broken pane off and installing a new customized panel. Don’t rush to buy a new window, since a new dual pane window will cost you a lot, especially if you want to get a vinyl unit. We are a team of experienced and creative technicians who can bring an old and damaged window a winning look.


Entrust ARAX to repair dual pane window for you at a competitive price. Have no worries if your double-paned window is partly damaged. We can replace single pane with double pane glass and make it look like nothing happened to your window. We cooperate with famous manufacturers and use exceptionally high-quality materials which allow us to complete great projects and leave our customers satisfied.