Double Pane Window Repair

You don’t have to buy new windows and spend a lot of money if you don’t have them broken. ARAX windows and doors repair company in Chicago deals will all types of problems that windows can deliver you. A double pane window repair service is one of the most common since most of our customers have dual panels windows. They are pretty and energy-efficient but like every single detail in your house, they can fail.

Thanks to double pane window repair near you service you can get them fixed really quickly. We decided to list common problems that your windows can bring:

  • broken seal
  • foggy windows
  • leaks
  • broken panes
  • failed spring, rollers, track (if you have a sliding double pane door)

We have a team of professionals and qualified technicians who specialize in repairing all types of windows. Since dual pane windows are popular and a lot of our regular clients have them, we know how to fix small and major problems that affect easy use of windows.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Double Pane Window?

Double pane window repair cost depends on the problem. Repairing a broken seal is quite cheap. This is one of the common issues that our technicians have to deal with almost every day. Apart from windows, we can replace double pane glass in door in your house. If you have sliding glass doors that got broken, fixing it is the same as fixing the window glass. It’s important to slide such door with care but if the glass broke because of a strong draft, we can help you to replace the damaged panels.

To repair dual pane window in the shortest time possible, we need to know what the problem is. If you find that your window leaks and that the wind squeezes between small gaps, probably you have a broken seal. The seal that separates two panes can break which leads to air and water leaks. Once it happens, your windows no longer provide their energy-efficient features. It usually happens if your window frames are made of wood. The material starts rotting and no longer holds the seal in place. However, the same problem can occur with expensive vinyl windows.

The solution is to fix a double pane window seal using new materials. ARAX technicians will repair an inner seal to protect against moisture and corrosion as well as outer seal to protect the strength of the glass panes. You may not know how to repair seals correctly, so when trying to fix it yourself, you may lose a lot of time but not achieve the desired result.

We recommend to fix a double pane window seal immediately if you find water on your sill. In hot weather, glass expands while in cold weather it contracts. This leads to seal breakage. Another reason why windows that leak should be repaired immediately is water retention in a frame. The longer you live it, the worse your frames (especially wooden) will become.

How Can You Help Me Fix a Broken Double Pane Window?

Cracked glass panes can be repaired but only for a short time. We can fill in the cracks with sealant or cover your cracked glass panels with plastic sheets until we deliver a new pane for replacement. Broken double pane window repair or cracked double pane window repair service allows saving money on purchasing new windows. If one of the panes got broken, ARAX glaziers will make a new glass pane that will match the existing one. We will have to know the type of glass, its thickness, and measurements to prepare a new panel.

Other Reasons to Replace Double Pane Windows

Apart from the obvious problems that affect your bill and use, we can suggest ordering dual pane window replacement service for:

  • renewing the style of your interior and exterior design
  • if your old windows served you for longer than 15 years

Order dual pane window glass repair service by getting in touch with ARAX customer care representative. We offer fair prices and guarantee to surprise you with excellent results!