Sliding glass door replacement

If you have a patio door, then we bet that your house looks pretty and has a lot of natural light. A nice, clean and properly working window is an attractive part of any house. It lets the sun rays come inside your house and allows you to enjoy nature through big glass panes. However, a sliding door is quite a complicated mechanism that requires careful use. If it happens that your patio door is out of order and you can’t open and close it as easily as before, you may need a sliding glass door replacement service. Replacing a door is usually the last solution because small parts can be replaced or repaired. However, if the glass is broken or there is more serious damage in a frame, you will need a door to be replaced.

Glass sliding door replacement cost depends on a few factors. The thickness of glass, the type of glass and the material of the frame define the cost of replacement. Before you decide to order a new door, you are advised to invite glass technicians and let them inspect the problem. Sometimes a sliding patio door repair service solves small problems that cause bigger problems. If there are broken rollers, lathes or lock system, there is no point to buy a whole new door. By repairing or replacing small parts, your patio door will function excellently again.

Ask Professionals to Replace Screen on Sliding Glass Door

Patio glass doors are some of the most attractive on the market. Lately, the owners of houses and apartments purchased and installed sliding doors which made their homes look more expensive and bigger. Actually, if you are planning to sell your apartment or house, newly installed windows will increase the price of the property. More natural light comes through large glass panels and help to save electric bill. However, a poor patio door can increase your electricity bill. A broken lock or seal will leak cold air in winter and hot air in summer making you bill incredibly high.

Replacing a sliding glass door may be the best solution. If it was repaired many times and still gets out of order, maybe it’s time to order a new door. ARAX Windows has a wide choice of patio door types. We have single pane and double pane patio doors that have ergonomic features. We will deinstall your old door, take measurements, help you to choose a high-quality sliding door with a durable frame that suits the interior design of your house or flat and deliver a new patio door.

Replacing an Old and Damaged Frames in a Sliding Glass Door

Usually, wood frames are heavy and cause an impact on rollers and a track. Also, the wood frame often got rotten and moldy during the rainy season. ARAX Windows and door repair company in Chicago offers to replace damaged wood parts with new. We will inspect your patio door, take measurements, cut each side of the glass for the best fit and replace the damaged sash parts. Order sliding glass door frame replacement service today to get our professional technicians to offer you the best solution that meets your budget expectations.

We also deal with vinyl frames. If your expensive vinyl frame has been bent in half or warped in the way that it can’t be straightened, we can deliver a new frame and install it together with the new glass panel. To provide you with a proper quote and tell you the price to replace sliding glass door, we need to see your damaged window. So, don’t delay repairing your window and get us fixing it in a short time.

Replacing Cracked and Broken Glass Panes in a Sliding Glass Door

Glass replacement sliding patio door service allows to replace glass panels leaving the old frame. A heavy storm, a falling tree, a ball or another accident can make a crack in your glass pane or break it completely. We understand how frustrating it is but the problem can be quickly solved one we know the measurements and the type of your glass. We can replace a sliding glass door panel instead of purchasing a new construction.

When we replace glass in sliding patio door, we can offer you the following options:

  • decorative glass
  • all-weather glass
  • laminated glass
  • tempered glass

We can also offer you to replace other windows in your house to make the match with a new sliding glass pane. For example, laminated and tempered glass panes are thicker and stronger than regular glass panels, therefore, they are very efficient in winter. By installing such glass panes, you will reduce your electricity bill.

Cheap Sliding Glass Door Replacement by ARAX

Get same-day door glass pane replacement by ARAX Windows and get our experienced workmen to visit your house at the time that suits you. When calling our company, explain the problem, so our technicians take all the necessary tools to work on your sliding door on the spot. We guarantee to remove and re-install it correctly without second visits that delay the installation of a new glass panel. Quality replacement will make you enjoy your new glass doors and spending time at home.

If you are looking for a good deal, ARAX can offer you competitive prices for new sliding glass door replacement service. We offer affordable prices but we don’t compromise the quality. We cooperate with famous manufacturers and use top-quality materials. We have a great team of technicians who implement quality work and always complete projects on time. Call ARAX and get a free quote. Compare prices and find that we offer lower prices. We have a big database of customers who trust us and whose windows and doors we maintain on a regular basis. Sliding door glass replacement near you service works every day and ready to answer your questions now.