Window Hardware Mechanism Repair

When it comes to windows and their hardware, there’s so much more to them than just locks and handles; latches, hinges, sashes, balancers are just few of the parts and components that make up the construction of a window. Finding the right parts is really important, but making sure they operate flawlessly even more. With time and use, wearing out is an inevitable process that affects the entire window – from the glass and frames to all the inner parts that it’s made of. This is where we come in.

Our team of professionals is highly specialized in all kinds of hardware repairs whatever the type, brand and features of your windows. With our help, you won’t have to spend thousands on expensive replacements to get them fully functional again. We aim to extend the life of your windows by offering quality products and expert advice to save you both time and money. Sometimes, just a minor adjustment may be all your window needs to work properly again, but the issue can also extend to some more complicated replacements you can’t do on your own. Whatever the problem, we’re your guys!

Check out our full range of window hardware repair services:

Lock Repair

Whether you’re unable to lock the window or you’re dealing with a disengaged balance shoe, a broken lock is one of the most common issues with malfunctioning windows. In some cases, repairing the lock is generally much easier to do than replacing it. There are many reasons why a window lock can stop operating the way it should and break: it may be misused, rusted, or just in need of some cleaning to get working again. Our experts will come in for inspection to determine the real nature of the problem and then offer you the best possible solution.

Window Crank Repair

Window cranks are commonly used on casement-style windows in order to secure them in the desired position and make sure they open and close properly. When they get broken or damaged, you get windows that stop working smoothly, efficiently and securely. Over time, the handle of the window crank can get worn out, misplaced or rusty, causing it to slip when turned. Most of the time, this doesn’t mean you will have to replace the entire crank mechanism but just do a simple repair. If we see that the condition of the crank is beyond repair, we will make sure to find the best new crank to replace it with.

Window Handle Repair

Different windows use different handle types. Modern uPVC windows use simple cockspur and espagnolette mechanisms, while vintage and antique windows usually have more decorated handle designs like the shepherd’s crook, monkey tail, plume and many more. The good thing is, whatever the type, all window handles come across a variety of common problems and they’re all practically the same to solve and repair. Our specialists are experienced in dealing with all kinds of different handle issues, from loose handles and those that turn but don’t do anything to windows closing with a gap.

Window Latch Repair

Window latches can easily get broken, but luckily they’re one of the easiest window problems to solve. That is, if done professionally. If you decide going all DIY expert on your windows, you may see that finding and installing the right latch and parts is not as simple as it seems. Broken latches pose great safety and security risks, so you need to inspect them carefully to get to the bottom of the issue. Our technicians are highly skilled in repairing broken tilt latches, fixing latches that don’t grab and unaligned sashes, just to name a few.

Spring Repair

Balance springs are a commonly found part in single and double hung windows to help raise and lower the window sash. Their efficient and smooth running is very important for the overall function of the entire window. If the sash is difficult to raise or it can only stay open with the help of additional support props, chances are you’re dealing with a broken spring. We can adjust and repair any type of window whatever the sash balance component. If repairing doesn’t come to question, we’ll see into installing the best new balance option for your window.

Casement Window Track Restoration

Failed window cranking mechanisms are one of the most common window hardware issues and we probably deal with them like every other day. Before heading out for full replacement, please have in mind a bad crank is usually easy to repair. We offer a variety of casement window crank repair solutions depending on the specific problem. Sometimes it can be as easy as cleaning and lubricating the inner gears of a stiff casement window, or it can get a bit more complicated like fixing a stripped crank handle. Whatever the case, we guarantee you we’ll solve it in a time- and money-efficient manner.

Window Balance Fixing

If you’ve ever dealt with a “stubborn” window that won’t stay open once it’s raised, you know how annoying it can get. This is a typical issue with single and double hung windows. As they get constantly opened and closed, raised and lowered, the balances in the window sash use less tension and this causes the window to close on its own. Whether one or both of the balances are damaged, we can easily fix them, ensuring they don’t have a mind of their own but stay open when you want them to. Feel free to contact our team today and request a free quote for window repair in Chicago!