Window Pane Replacement

A broken window pane is a big issue that requires immediate treatment. Glass pane replacement requires special skills and tools. It’s unsafe and needs a set of special tools for changing a pane. The smartest solution is to contact certified glass professionals and get them to implement a window pane replacement on a high level.

ARAX Windows and door repair company in Chicago offers emergency glass pane replacement near you. Our professionals are always ready to visit your place and repair cracked window since leaving it in such a condition is unsafe. In this article, we will provide you with tips on what should you do when your glass pane gets cracked or broken until professional technicians arrive. We will also tell you about the benefits of ordering replace a window pane service at ARAX.

Fast Window Pane Repair

Finding your window broken or cracked on a cold day is not ideal. We can replace pane of glass in window today if you contact us immediately. We have a big team of technicians who will visit your house and take off the broken glass from the frame and install a new pane of the right size. Our workmen have all the necessary tools to implement pane replacement at the safest level.

We offer a customized fix by replacing only one pane. If you have double-pane windows but only one pane got damaged, you don’t have to pay double. We offer double pane window replacement independently of each other which makes our service so desirable among other companies that suggest replacing the whole construction. Double pane and triple glazed windows are costly, so we know how upsetting it is to see them broken. But if one pane remains undamaged, we offer to repair the broken one.

Whether you have plastic, aluminum, vinyl, metal or wooden windows, our experienced glaziers will save them. We provide single pane windows replacement together with frame fix that could have got damaged as well. The price of frame repair can vary depending on the material, size, and complexity of the problem.

Keep in mind that we repair and replace damaged frames that look poor and weak. If you are an owner of wood windows and you don’t want them to be changed even though wood material is difficult to look after, we have a great solution for you. If you have to deal with mold and unpleasant smell during the rainy season, we suggest replacing the old wood sash. Once we replace broken window pane and restore the frame, your windows will look like new. Saving money is easy when you choose a company that takes care of you.

What Should You Do When Your Window Pane Breaks?

Having a window broken during a storm is extremely uncomfortable but we wouldn’t recommend that you replace the pane yourself. You will unlikely have safety goggles and leather gloves for such a job. We can advise you to cover the window with plastic sheets and sticking them to the frame with the tape. This quick and easy solution will protect your furniture and floor from water leaking inside the house or apartment.

Expert’s Solution for a Broken Window Pane

Contact us and get a professional consultation. One of our competent customer care representatives will answer your question and schedule our technician’s visit. We offer fair prices compared to other companies that deal with windows repair. We guarantee fast and secure work, using only high-quality materials and providing you with instructions to safe window use.

Find out single pane window replacement cost by telling us the approximate measurement of your window. The first thing that you can do when finding your glass pane broken is measuring it. Approximate measurements will allow our managers to define the cost to replace the window pane for your house or apartment.


DIY project on replacing a pane may cost you more in the end. If you take the wrong measurements, if you cut too much glass or damage the window sill while taking off the broken pieces of glass, you will have to pay more money. This is why it’s better to order a window pane replacement service on the day when the glass broke and get experts’ help. Don’t compromise your safety by dealing with broken glass alone. We fix glass at a good price and guarantee a long-lasting effect.