Window Sill Repair

Have you noticed cracks in your window sill or did it get tilted? Window sill repair by ARAX specialists will make your window sill look like new. We have years of experience and hundreds of successfully exterior window sill replacement projects completed for our clients. Since windows are the eyes of your house or apartment, they should be in perfect condition all year round. If you want to enjoy the look of your house from inside and outside, you should look after your windows. Also, the windows that are in good condition increase the price of the property. So, if you want to sell your house or flat one day, make sure that your windows look new and function properly.

Rotten Window Sill Repair

ARAX window and door restore company in Chicago offers you to fix rotted window sills before they get too weak and break completely. Timber window sills are probably some of the most popular, especially if you are still living in an old building. Even though the wood looks nice and cozy, it requires good maintenance. Since it has so many little cracks and holes, water easily gets trapped causing the material to rot and change its shape. We offer to repair dry rot in a window sill without replacing the whole construction. Our professional technicians can only replace the damaged parts of the sill which costs much less than replacing the whole windowsill.

Concrete Window Sill Crack Repair

A lot of old buildings also have concrete window sills that seem to be very durable and strong. However, even a concrete sill can get cracked. If you noticed that your sill has a cracked paint it means that the material underneath got cracked too. ARAX specialists know how to deal with such a problem. We are ready to provide secure cracked window sill repair by filling the gaps with high-quality caulk and then painting it.

Window Sill Repair Inside Your House or Flat

We also fix window sills from inside. Plastic sills can get bent and in this case we offer to return the initial shape of the sill or replacing it in case the material is badly damaged. Once the sill is fixed, you can enjoy your nice windows look and place your plants on top. Regardless of the problem, the material of the sill, its size, and design, repairing interior window sill damage is our specialty. We are ready to offer you various ideas on how to repair it and improve the interior design of your apartment of house.

The cost of repairing a window will depend on the problem’s complexity. Rotten wood parts replacement is an affordable service will cure your windows and save from replacing the exterior sill and frame. However, if most of the material is damaged permanently, we would offer you to repair rotted window sill by ordering a customized item of the necessary size and shape. Our experienced technicians will help you to choose the best timber for making a new stylish windowsill for your window.

Don’t forget that apart from repairing sills, we deal with all kinds of window problems. Window spring balance repair, replacement of lock mechanism and installing new windows are other services that we specialize in.

Window Sill Repair

Another common problem that happened to everyone at least one time is a leaking window. Did you find paddles on your windowsill? You must have a failed seal. Finding water on its surface is not good especially if it’s wooden. Get ARAX technicians to inspect your window and fix the broken seal to save your wood windowsill from mold.

If the build of water has already damaged your sill, we have an excellent solution. Let us check what kind of windowsill you have, what wood has been used for making a sill and how deep the damage is. We can repair water damaged window sill by replacing the rotten parts with new wood parts in a way that no one will notice it. Don’t leave your windows to rot and let us save them at an affordable price now.