Arax Helps Realtors with Window Repair and Restoration for Homes on the Market

Last Updated on June 7, 2024

When it comes to selling a home, there are a lot of things that realtors need to get in order to ensure the home is ready for viewing.  It is important for the home to be in great shape inside and out as potential buyers will notice if something is damaged, looks bad, or not functioning properly.  All systems within the home, including plumbing and electrical systems, should be in working order and the home should also look good.  Any issue that potential buyers notice can make it more difficult to sell the home.

One feature of the home that realtors cannot overlook is the windows.  The windows of a home contribute to its aesthetic and character which can help boost curb appeal, and they also serve an important function of letting in natural light and fresh air.  Potential buyers will notice if the windows are worn out, damaged, or not functioning properly, which could end up being a dealbreaker.  Damage to the windows can lead to issues like water leaks and inefficient heating and cooling.  Few people will want to buy a home that immediately requires window repair to prevent additional damage.

While evaluating the condition of the home, realtors must have the windows inspected and immediately address any issues to make the home more appealing for potential buyers.  Window repair contractors like Arax Windows Work can work with realtors to repair and restore the windows of homes on the market.  Our professionals provide complete window repair and window glass replacement to restore the aesthetic and functionality of any type of windows.

Why Window Repair is Necessary to Sell a Home

At the very least, the average person looking to buy a home expects windows that are in working condition.  Windows that are not functional or damaged are a red flag for potential buyers because they do not want to deal with the effects of damaged windows such as water and air leaks or pay for window repair or replacement.  Worn out windows, even if they are functional, can also be off putting for buyers because they can negatively impact the aesthetic and curb appeal of the home.

Lenders often have strict guidelines when it comes to the condition of the windows that can affect whether they approve financing.  Windows with cracked glass, broken latches, or damaged frames will appear in the home inspection report and may cause a lender to deny financing to potential buyers.  Finding and fixing problems with the windows not only makes homes more appealing to buyers, but also makes lenders more willing to approve financing for the home.

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The following are some of the issues you may find with the windows that need to be fixed:

  • Broken or cracked window glass
  • Damaged screens
  • Broken latching and locks
  • Poor window seals
  • Rotting wood windowsills
  • Damaged or missing weatherstripping
  • Damaged or insecure window frames
  • Poor caulking
  • Absence of storm windows or glass
  • Window fogging

What to Do When Window Repair is Needed

If there is a problem with the windows, there are a couple of ways to address this.  If the damage is cosmetic, you can choose to not fix the issue.  However, if the damage hinders the function of the windows or increases the risk of additional damage, you can either offer a repair credit to a potential buyer to fix the windows or repair them before making the sale.

In some cases, you may be able to work out a deal with a buyer involving repair credit or a reduction in the price of the home.  However, most buyers would rather buy a home without a problem with the windows that they would have to fix themselves.  The best thing realtors can do is work with a trusted window repair contractor to ensure that all the windows on the home are in great condition.

Window Repair and Restoration from Arax

Our professionals at Arax work with realtors to provide window repair and glass replacement services for homes on the market.  We can offer special pricing for realtors to take care of window repair needs that will likely be more cost effective than giving a buyer repair credit.  We use only the best available materials to fully repair window frames, sashes, and opening mechanisms and we also provide expert window glass replacement for single, double, and triple pane windows.

We will work with you to evaluate the windows of the home and identify any issues that need to be addressed.  Our window repair and restoration services cover all types of windows including wood, metal, and vinyl window frames, windowsills, window sashes, skylights, custom shaped windows, patio doors, and sliding glass doors.

In most cases involving damage to the window or glass, the damage can be repaired without completely replacing the windows.  This will save you money when getting the home ready for the market.  You will experience the following benefits when working with Arax:

  • Preserve character: The windows contribute to the aesthetic appeal and overall character of a home. If the windows are replaced, this can alter the appearance of the home and impact its curb appeal.  Our professionals preserve the original character of the windows while ensuring their functionality.
  • Extend window life: Our window repair services can extend the life of the windows by 20 to 50 years.
  • Improve energy efficiency: By repairing window frames and seals, we can improve the energy efficiency of the home by preventing air and water leaks.
  • Cost-effective: Our window repair services can save up to 75% of the cost of complete window replacement.

Call Arax Windows Work

When selling a home, fixing any issues with the windows will help boost the curb appeal and even increase its value.  Potential buyers are more likely to buy a home that they can move right into without doing additional work to repair the windows.

Realtors throughout the Chicago area can call Arax to get special pricing on window repair and restoration services for the homes on the market.  You can reach us at (815) 230-1890 for more information.