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About Arax Windows Work

Several years of experience as a commercial and residential window repair and restoration company in the Chicago suburbs.

Our team can refurbish windows and doors in modern and older buildings, revitalizing your property and saving you money. Our services include everything from broken window repair and foggy glass restoration to patio door maintenance and wooden frame improvements. We have experience fixing single, double and triple pane windows and know how to preserve custom shapes and designs. We have also worked with various door materials, including wood, metal and vinyl. Our diverse and knowledgeable skillset gives us the qualifications we need to care for your particular needs.

Don't Replace... Repair!

Wood Window Repair near Chicago, IL

If your windows become damaged or worn out, you do not need to have them replaced.  At Arax Windows Work, we provide residential and commercial window repair and restoration near Chicago, IL area to repair and refurbish your windows.

Our professionals have years of experience providing complete window repair including broken window repair and foggy glass restoration as well as window frame repair.  We can fix single, double, and triple pane windows and work with windows on doors made from wood, metal, and vinyl.  Whether you have windows that need to be repaired in older homes and buildings or modern buildings, we have the skills and qualifications to suit your unique window restoration needs and even preserve custom shapes and designs.  Our complete window repair services can refresh your property and save you the cost of full window replacement.

Complete Wood Window Repair Services

When you call Arax Windows Work for window repair and restoration services, we will evaluate your windows to determine what repairs are necessary. We will accommodate your specific needs and requirements to restore the appearance of your windows while also improving their functionality. Whether you need glass restoration, window frame repair, or new hardware, you can expect high quality repair work from our professionals. We can repair and restore almost any type of window, no matter the shape or size, to preserve the original design and architecture of your home or building.


The following are the main window repair and restoration services we provide:

  • Wood Window Repair: We repair all kinds of wood windows and wood sills.
  • Window glass replacement: Our professionals can provide window glass replacement for all types of windows including single, double, and triple pane glass, insulated glass, low emissivity glass, tempered glass, and annealed glass.
  • Window glass repair: We can repair broken glass for any type of window.
  • Windowsill repair and replacement: When windowsills experience damage, they can let air and water inside that can contribute to mold and further damage the sill. Our professionals can repair or replace rotted or damaged windowsills.
  • Window sash replacement: Window sashes provide durability which makes it important to repair damaged sashes right away. We can repair window sashes to restore their functionality while preserving their original look.
  • Skylight repair: We can repair skylights, including the seals, flashing, and glass, to better protect against leaks and improve insulation.
  • Patio door repair: We can repair or replace the broken glass in your patio door as well as the seals and door frame.
  • Foggy glass repair: We can restore foggy glass and leave your windows clearer.
  • Sliding glass door repair: Our professionals can repair or replace damaged glass for all types of sliding glass doors. We can also repair damaged door frames and hardware.
  • Storefront glass replacement: We can restore the appearance of your business by replacing the storefront glass.
  • Commercial glass repair: Our professionals are prepared to provide commercial glass repair and replacement for all types of windows on commercial buildings.
  • Window hardware replacement: We can replace old or worn-out hardware including window locks, cranks, hinges, and balancers with new hardware for improved functionality.

Why Window Repair and Restoration Over Window Replacement

Our window repair and restoration services provide an alternative to replacing windows that have become damaged or worn out.  While window repair and restoration is often less expensive than full window replacement, this is just one of many reasons to choose window repair. 

The following are the main benefits of window repair services:

  • Preserve character: The windows on your home or building contribute to the character and appearance of the property and replacing the windows may change its character. With our window repair services, we can repair and restore your windows to preserve the original character of the architecture while adding modern convenience.
  • Extend window life: Windows can last between 20 and 50 years with the proper maintenance and necessary repairs such as glass restoration, frame repairs, and new hardware. We can help ensure that your windows last for decades with our repair services.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Repairing worn out or damaged windows can improve the energy efficiency of a home or building. Window repair also uses less materials than window replacement which makes it a more sustainable solution.
  • Cost-effective: Our window repair and refurbishment services can save you up to 75% of the cost of replacing your windows.

Window Repair from Arax Windows Work

At Arax Windows Work, we are dedicated to providing high quality window repair and restoration services using the best available products and materials.  You can trust us to preserve the original architectural style and character of your home or building while improving the appearance and functionality of your windows and doors.  We offer competitive pricing, as well as price matching, to repair and restore your windows within your budget.

You can call Arax Windows Work at (815) 230-1890 for window repair and restoration in the Chicago suburbs.

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Our Main Services

We accommodate your specific requirements, striving to be your go-to business or home window repair or replacement team in the Chicago area. We also offer window hardware repair or replacement services to keep your cranks, balancers and hinges all functioning smoothly. We can help you decide what changes or repairs will suit your home. Our primary services include the following.


  • Rotten sash repair
  • Rotten sill repair
  • Rotten frame repair (brick molding, middle molding, inside molding)


  • Insulated unit (double pane, triple pane, annealed, low-E, tempered, reflective)
  • Skylight glass replacement
  • Custom shaped glass replacement
  • Storefront Glass Repair
  • Commercial glass replacement


  • Wood Door Frame Repair
  • Door Restoration
  • Door Hardware Repair
  • Door Glass Replacement
  • Patio Door Glass Replacement

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"Good Price and very well quality work was done on my 11 windows. Replacing, brick moldings, sills, and sashes. Two gentlemen, named Olec, were courteous and know there work. They very high quality wood, like New Zealand cedar. All my my questions were answered and they did some little extra work on windows with no charge."
Waheed A.
Naperville, IL
"We were told by four other companies that we needed to replace our windows. Arax came in and repaired 10 Andersen windows - mostly realigned them so they would open/close correctly and did it for a fraction of the cost of the others that tried and couldnt repair anything."
Sam A.
Glen Ellyn, IL
"This team had knowledge and experience and as such did not waste my time. I used them on my rental property ad would definitely use them again. They were on time .worked efficiently and completed my project professionally and timely."
Greg H.
Aurora, IL
"Arax team came on time, took one day to replace all the sealers, and were affordable (standard pricing, came just under competitors). My handyman dad is really impressed by their work, so that's my scale :)"
Sara S.
Elgin, IL
"This company was outstanding. I had my doubts that they could accomplish what they quoted. They proved me wrong. They replaced over 40 windows and rebuilt close to 40 sashes. Would recommend them over and over. Thanks ARAX!"
West Chicago, IL
"We had glass replaced in several windows. They were very quick to come out, measure, give an estimate, and order the windows. A few short weeks later, then panes were installed. Workmanship was excellent!"
Michael D.
Saint Charles, IL

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