Door Glass Pane Replacement

Whether your glass door got cracked or you want to replace your old glass pane with a new one, ARAX can assist you. We are true glass professionals with vast experience and a good reputation. We have completed hundreds of successful projects and left our clients satisfied. Our mission is to help customers to enjoy the look and functionality of their windows and doors. So, if you have any problems with glass door, we will be happy to solve it. Replace glass pane in door service allows replacing the glass pane only at an affordable price.

If your glass door got broken by a natural disaster or accident, don’t panic. We provide quality patio door repair that includes:

  • taking off the old glass pane carefully
  • preparing the frame for installing a new panel
  • taking measurements
  • making a customized glass pane
  • installing a glass
  • fixing a seal and restoring a frame (if damaged)

We do our best to complete such a project within a short time since we know how frustrating it is to have broken glass in your flat or house. Call ARAX repair company in Chicago immediately to get our technicians to visit your home as soon as possible.

How Much Is To Replace Double Pane Glass in Door?

We fix a broken glass pane in a door that has dual panes but such service will cost you more. Even if you have only one panel damaged, we will have to make exactly the same glass pane and carefully install it. Unlike other companies that replace both panes when only one is broken, we deal with a broken pane not charging out clients more money. The cost of fixing a window pane in a door service depends on the glass type, its size, thickness and other factors. If the seal and frames got damaged too, there will be additional expenses on replacing a seal and restoring bent or broken frame.

Fixing A Door Pane in All Types and Materials

Do you have wood or vinyl door? Regardless of the type, size, and material of your patio door, we know how to restore its look and functionality. We replace a glass pane in a wooden door, in the vinyl door and other types of doors. If the wooden frame got damaged by accident, we could restore it. We use high-quality timber to build durable frames and add windows a nice touch. By replacing broken parts of wood and implementing door glass pane replacement, your slide door will look like new.

Double Pane Glass Door Repair and Other Services

Apart from dealing with broken panels, we provide a wide range of window repair services. We fix a window spring, handles and lock mechanisms, repair window sills, restore frames, and deal with other common problems that anyone can face. Entrust ARAX professionals dealing with small and big problems. We cooperate with famous manufacturers and get top-quality materials delivered for doing reliable repairs.

Get the best technicians in the city to do your door window pane replacement on short notice. We will help you to detect other small problems and fix them quickly. We always complete projects on time and offer fair prices with great deliverables .