Glass Repair and Replacement

Glass is an inevitable part of any home, commercial area or industrial facility. Glass windows and doors make up a significant portion of your house both inside and out by offering convenience, safety and security, aesthetics and maintain the property value. Yet, their most important role is to provide enough light, warmth and proper ventilation. If these primary requirements are not met, they can negatively affect the overall energy efficiency of a home.

Of course, there are certain improvements you can do around the home to address this issue, and the best place to start are your doors and windows. Caulking, weather stripping and all kinds of different window treatments are just some of the ways to add to the energy efficiency of your existing doors and windows. If you notice a substantial increase in your energy bills but can’t seem to make up on heat during winter, it’s probably time to look at their condition and make sure they’re operating at their best. Chances are you’re in need of professional household glass repair. This is where we come in.

Your local home glass replacement team at ARAX Windows Work collaborates with trustworthy manufacturers and fabricators to provide all of our clients with the best possible options and value for any kind of glass replacement situation. We provide full estimates and whole-home window inspections on site to make sure we meet all your needs for quality and pricing.

Standard Door Glass

In addition to house window glass replacement, our professionals are fully trained and experienced in the effective glass repair and replacement in doors as well. We always aim to bring the most cost-efficient solution to our clients; and given that repairs are less expensive, we’ll first see if there’s anything we can do about the glass without the need to replace the entire door. Whether you’re dealing with a break-in shattered glass, renovating or simply looking to replace your outdated doors, our technicians are available at your service.

Patio Door Glass

Patio doors are a popular and practical house feature and their inappropriate operation is one of the largest contributors to the lack of energy efficiency in your home. If they are broken or damaged, you’re risking your safety and energy loss – the more you wait, the less protected you are. Patio doors are a bit tricky when it comes to home glass replacement and repair, so before you decide to test your DIY skills, maybe it’s a good idea to contact our professionals and request a quote online. We deliver solutions that are built to last, making sure the glass is removed and reinstalled properly to save you from additional fixes on the long run.

Sliding Door Glass Repair

Time takes its toll on every part of your home, including the sliding glass doors if you have any. Exposure to the elements, corrosion, dirt or excess water can all cause them to not open or close smoothly. Our offer on residential glass repair services also includes sliding glass doors, so don’t hesitate to contact us whatever the situation. Our technicians always prefer repairing to full replacement and we’ll make sure we do everything we can to repair them first before we can decide if replacing is the only option available. Once we’ve completed the job, you are guaranteed smooth and effortless operation of your doors.

Insulated Glass Repair

Insulated glass units are the ultimate all-climate choice: people who live in the North install them to prevent the cold from entering the house on a heavy winter, while Southerners like them for their ability to fight off the humidity of summer. There are many issues that can occur with insulated glass windows like condensation, draught and worn out glazing, but luckily we’re able to deliver premium glass repair service for each. We employ special techniques to reduce the amount of condensation, whether it be on the inside pane or in the cavity. Draughts don’t pose the biggest of threats as they are usually relatively easy to diagnose and fix, but they should be addressed in time.

Double Pane Glass Replacement

The most common issue with double pane windows is seal failure. A failed seal around the insulated glass of an aging window allows for moisture-laden air to get between the two panes, leading to excessive condensation that will leave the glass looking foggy, wet or dirty; not to mention degrading the insulating ability of the window itself. We utilize cutting-edge window glass replacement technologies to help you solve the problem at the most efficient cost. The easiest and most cost-effective solution is to only replace the glass, leaving the frame and the rest of the window intact. This way, you’ll avoid costly window replacements and double up on energy savings in your home.

Window Glass Replacement Cost

We offer a range of commercial and residential glass replacement solutions. We work with some of the leading suppliers in the business to deliver products of undoubted quality to our buyers, contractors, designers and builders at great pricing options. Our team will come in to your home for full inspection of the issue and offer a free estimate on your problem and the work it’s going to take. First, we will measure the glass, see if it can be somehow repaired or if it has to be replaced, and then give you the best price after careful evaluation. Unless we have the replacement glass in stock, it can take up to a week at most to receive the newly fabricated glass, and after serious quality inspection, we will then call you to schedule an installation.