Patio Door Repair and Restoration

Wooden patio doors are a beautiful addition to your home and outdoor space. Although they are quite easy and simple to take care of, they do require regular maintenance. Damage to the wood, improper opening and closing, sticking or leaky doors; these are some of the most common issues our clients encounter on a regular basis. Replacement is easier said than done, so don’t just go replacing what we can easily fix. Most companies would immediately suggest full replacement of the frame and door itself to charge you more, but we tend to look at all the options before you can make your decision. Our experienced team can save you up to 75% on repairs, restoring your wooden patio doors to their original glory.

Combining our years of experience in the business with materials of the highest quality, we are able to deliver a guarantee of 100% quality to our customers. Our offer includes the following patio door repair services:

Sliding Patio Door Repair

Sliding doors that don’t open and close smoothly can get useless if not addressed in time. In most cases, any problem with a wooden glass sliding door is just as easy to fix as it is using it. Sometimes it may be so simple to solve that it only requires some cleaning  and lubricating of the tracks, or the door has merely aged with time; but the issue we hear most often about are derailed rollers. Dirty, damaged and broken rollers will cause your door to be sticky. Our professionals are highly specialized in efficient sliding patio door repair whatever the situation.

French Patio Door Restoration

French doors are our favorite, so you’re guaranteed we’ll do everything we can to get them back into their original shape for you. Weather conditions and general everyday wear and tear can cause different issues with French doors. If you live in a more humid area, you might experience leakage and this can in turn lead to warping and bowing. Treating this in time is crucial! If your doors don’t close properly, this is most likely caused by misalignment. With time, especially if they’re commonly slammed when closed, they can step out of their tracks. Now this is something you may think you can fix yourself, but we suggest you give us a call just to make sure everything’s done right.

Screen Patio Door Repair

Sometimes, you don’t need to replace the entire sliding screen door if it’s in a generally good condition, but just the screen. Even better, we can get it fixed for you! With time and weather, you might notice punctures, holes or larger cracks in your screen, or maybe an overall worn out look you want to freshen up. Feel free to contact our team and we’ll have our specialists inspect the issue on site to give you an assessment and the best possible solution.

Rotten Wood Restoration

Wood sill and frame rot is the number one issue we face with wooden patio doors. If intense rain showers are a common occurrence in your area, you need to prevent water getting into your doors. Even when this is not the case, leakage is a major issue you have to deal with quickly and efficiently. Water leaks and sun warmth are the winning combination for the development of rot fungi. Their spreading all over the frame and sash will not only cause visual damage, but structurally affect the wood as well. Unlike our competitors who use short-term solutions like the use of epoxy and hardened wood putties, we like to solve the problem by removing the part of the rotten wood and replace it with new. This can be done to the entire wood frame or just the rotten portion. What’s more, our team can provide regular patio door maintenance.

Cost of Patio Door Repair

Our goal is to always save you money wherever we can. Call us old-fashioned if you must, but we love seeing our customers smile. We work with a number of leading manufacturers and suppliers that give us materials of the best quality and prices that we can directly pass on to you. We’re not the biggest fans of costly replacements, so if you want to know the cost for a specific patio door repair service, don’t hesitate and contact our specialists to request a quote!