Sliding glass door repair

Are you having problems with your sliding glass door? In this article, we are going to review the most common problems that occur with such type of door and tell you how our glass sliding doors repair service can help you. Sometimes simple and cheap repairs can make your doors work as new, so if you are thinking of replacing it, just wait a second. Sliding glass door repair near you by ARAX Windows will fix any problem that doesn’t allow you to open and close the door easily.

How do we fix sliding glass door? First of all, we inspect the door and find what causes the problem. Usually, our technicians carry all the necessary tools to work on the spot. In case our workmen need more tools, we arrange repair later that day or the next day. If this is a small problem like a broken wheel or latch, our technicians fix it quickly and on the spot. We provide simple repairs as well as sliding glass door replacement service in case it’s badly damaged, the glass is broken or you simply want to remove it and install a new one.

6 Main Issues You May Face When Having a Sliding Glass Door

A sliding glass door looks nice and posh. It makes the house or apartment look more spacious and bright. However, this type of door requires good maintenance. In this part of the article, we are going to review 6 main problems that customers of such doors complain about and describe what sliding glass door hardware replacement options we can offer you:

  1. Broken lock. We often implement sliding glass door lock replacement because a glass pane with a frame is quite heavy which affects the lock. Sometimes owners of such doors close them with much force which also causes lock failure. The procedure of repairing the lock may not help, so our technicians can offer you to replace it.
  2. The second common issue is broken rollers. As you know, rollers play one of the main roles which allow the door to smoothly open and close. If opening and closing are tough and you hear scratching sounds, it may be broken wheels. ARAX Windows suggests to replace rollers in sliding glass door once you notice that your it doesn’t glide as well as it should. If you leave your door in such a condition and carry on using it on broken rollers, you risk breaking the track and damage the bottom.
  3. If you have a double-paned glass door, you may see it getting foggy or leaky. Both problems are caused by a broken seal. Sliding glass door seal repair is affordable and fixes two problems at the same time: no air and moist will get trapped between panes, plus no water will leak on the floor which can lead to more expenses if you have a wooden floor.
  4. Another big problem that affects opening and closure is a broken rail. We supply and replace track on sliding glass door made of high-quality aluminum or vinyl for secure and long-term use. If you experience dragging the door while it makes annoying sounds, maybe the track is broken which doesn’t allow the rollers to function properly. Don’t underestimate the problem and call professionals for help. When dragging the door, the rollers and the bottom part of the sliding door get damaged which eventually lead to costly repairs. Debris and dirt can also cause poorly sliding door. You can try to clean the track with a brush but if it doesn’t slide smoothly, the problem can be in a broken track.
  5. A broken frame also be a hassle if you don’t know how to repair it yourself. If you have wood patio doors, then you may experience the material losing its attractive look, having stains, and even rotting. Wood is also a heavy material, therefore, it has an impact on other parts and can scratch the bottom part. So it’s important to check the door from time to time and make sure that it works perfectly. A regular check-up will help you to enjoy a simple use of your door and prevent it from the biggest problems. ARAX Windows company implements a repair sliding glass door frame service and guarantees a great result. If your wood frame started to rot and has an unpleasant smell (which usually happens during the rainy season), we can offer you to replace damaged parts of wood or replace the whole frame to make your patio door look like new.
  6. The last issues that we also deal with often is a broken handle. This is not such a big issue and can be fixed quickly. Glass sliding door handle replacement doesn’t cost much and allows our customers to use the door again straight away after installing a new handle. Also, there is a wide choice of handles that we can offer you, so you can choose a handle that suits the style of your door. We can also help you to order a reliable handle and install it on the same day.

All of the above-mentioned problems can be easily solved if you ask for help immediately. Don’t leave your sliding door in a poor condition for a long time since a patio sliding door repair will cost you much more. Leaving your door to shatter will make you feel uncomfortable instead of relaxing in your beautiful home and watching the snowfall or rain outside the glass panes.

Sliding Glass Door Repair Service With the Best Deliverables

Our professional technicians will inspect your door and find the cause of its failure. We hire only experienced and qualified technicians who can deal with sliding glass door screen repair even if it’s old. We have a big experience at repairing and replacing sliding doors, taking good care of them and proving a replacement is the last solution.

Get Your Sliding Glass Door Fixed and Save Your Bill

A drafty door is a huge problem. Not only it allows the cold air leak inside your house and warm air escape, it significantly increases your electricity bill. Fixing a patio door will help you to save money on paying high electricity bill not only in winter but in summer when you put the AC on to cool down the temperature in your house or apartment.

Entrust Your Sliding Glass Door Maintenance to Professionals

ARAX window repair company is leading in Chicago. We have a big database of clients who we have been working with for a long time. We guarantee affordable prices and great results. Whether you need us to fix a broken sliding glass door or install a new one, we can do it. Contact our customer support representatives and get a free quote. We will do our best to meet your expectations and help you to enjoy your patio door regardless of the weather.