Window Repair and Restoration

In our world at ARAX Windows Work, there’s rarely a window that cannot be repaired or restored to its original condition. Although replacing your old windows might sound like the faster and easier solution, it’s definitely not the cheaper one. Our professional team believes in the time and money efficiency of good old window repair and restoration. With our expertise and years of experience in the business, we can help you save up to 75% on window refurbishment.

Let’s say you live in a beautiful mid-century house that’s slowly given to time. The window frames have rotten, the glass is foggy and cracked in a few places and the doors are drafty. Your first thought may be to get rid of everything at once, but think again. These worm-eaten window frames could now make a stylish vintage detail, and the doors can be restored to their glorious look of 60 years ago. As helpless as it seems, a simple window repair will do in most cases.

With an unmatched reputation for knowledge and craftsmanship, we aim to deliver a quality, environmentally sound window renovation process that will help preserve the authentic look and work of your windows for years to come.

Our offer spans over a range of window repair service options:

Seal Repair

In most cases, a failed window seal is not the most serious issue, but it does need to be addressed in time. Everyday wear and tear, pressure washing or scraping and bad window condensation can all cause seal failure, leaving the windows leaky and foggy; not to mention losing valuable insulation in your home. That’s where we come in. Our local window repair team is specialized in the effective seal repair and replacement, paying careful attention to the materials used and the installation itself.

Frame Repair

Window sill and frame rot is a common case with ageing wooden windows. Luckily, our experts are able to deliver a fast and easy process that will have your frames lasting for years. We don’t like short-term fixes, so instead of just patching with epoxy or hardened wood putties, we like to remove the internal rot and replace that part of the frame with new wood. This can be done to the whole window frame or just the portion of the damaged wood. After we’ve completed the whole window refinishing process of filling, sanding and painting, your windows will be as good as new! Of course, our window frame repair services are not only limited to wood as we deal with aluminum and vinyl frames too.

Window Crack Repair

Unless your children are constantly hitting their football in your windows, any cracks you may notice in your window glass are probably the result of thermal stress. Frequent temperature changes will cause the glass to expand and contract, leaving it compromised and open to damage. This is how cracks happen. It’s important to get this fixed as soon as possible, because depending on the size of the window crack, it can cause water leakage or seriously cut down on the energy efficiency of your windows.

Broken Window Repair

In our experience over the years, most of the people who live in houses with old windows have never actually seen them working at their best. These windows don’t fully open or close, they shake and rattle, they’re drafty and creaky. With minimal effort, we can restore them back to their natural beauty – increasing their energy efficiency, reducing noise pollution and your use of fuel, all while preserving the character of the house!

Wood Window Restoration

Window Repair and Restoration in Chicago ILWe believe that old windows were meant to be repaired, not thrown away and replaced. We always prefer restoration to replacement and take special pride in our historic window restoration services. Our favorite projects are period houses with old windows that seem beyond help. Of course, they never are. There’s a solution to any rotten frame, insect infestation and sticky joint. We focus on delivering greater energy efficiency and cutting your use and cost on gas fuel to save you money.

Glass Repair

Before going for full glass window replacement, we’ll make sure we’ve done everything we can to repair it first. If the condition of your window glass is beyond repair, we’ll schedule the replacement and installation at once. In addition to offering free estimates, our team comes for full inspection on site to make sure your all needs are met.

We specialize in house window repair and glass replacement. Our manufacturers and fabricators provide us with materials of the best quality and amazing prices so you’re guaranteed quality service. After we’ve evaluated the situation, measured the glass, arranged the repair or replacement and negotiated the price, we’ll schedule the installation as soon as we’ve received the new glass.

Double Pane Window Repair

As complicated as it may sound, double pane window repair is possible. Whether you notice that one of your double pane windows is fogging up or you see a crack in the glass, we can get it fixed. The good news is, you don’t have to replace the entire frame and window. Utilizing cutting-edge window restoration technologies, we can address only the source of the problem like the seal or replace only one of the glasses, all at the most efficient cost.

Sash Window Repair

If you love the vintage look and feel of your home, don’t throw away your worn out sash windows just yet. Window sashes are extremely important for the overall durability of the window itself, so you need to make sure they function properly. We offer multiple solutions to sash window repair depending on the nature of the problem. From timber decay to moisture ingress and rot damage, we’ll see into repairing the original wood as much as possible.

Window and Door Repair

Door Window Repair and Restoration Chicago

We don’t like throwing away an old window or door without seeing if there’s any way it can be repaired or restored first. We deal with all kinds of commercial and residential window repair projects whatever the location, materials in question or years of operation. Our unique restoration techniques will improve the energy efficiency of your windows and doors and reduce your carbon footprint.

Casement Window Repair

If you’re thinking of replacing your old casement windows and glass, maybe there’s something we can do before you opt straight for this decision. Drafty, foggy casement windows that are hard to open can easily be fixed at a low cost. The solutions are usually simple and affordable because you’ll still spend considerably less than on replacement. Draught proofing and defective timber splicing is just some of the home window repair work we’ll do.

Window Repair Cost

At ARAX Windows Work, it’s all about cost efficiency. Our manufacturers and partners supply us with the best equipment and materials at great prices, achieving savings that we can pass on to you. Combine this with our expertise and experience, and you have the best customer service! To find out how much money you can save with our services, don’t hesitate to get a free quote today!