Window Sill Replacement

Your windows may remain in great condition, however, a sill can get rotten or break. A failed sill allows air and water leak through little gaps. Once moisture is trapped between a sill and a plate glass panel, it causes mold. It quickly penetrates wood and damages it permanently. ARAX windows and doors repair company in Chicago provides window sill replacement or repair service to save your nice windows. This is a short and affordable procedure that can reduce your electricity bill and make your windows look like new.

If you noticed that your sill is rotting or you just want to give your casement window a fresh look, replacing a window sill is the best idea. It takes just a few hours to take off the old sill and replace it with a new one. It also doesn’t cost a lot unlike replacing glass panels. Whether you have a wooden or aluminum sill, we can help you to remove it and install a new one to add your external design of the house or apartment a nicer look.

Why Do You Need to Change Wooden Window Sill?

We often implement wooden window sill replacement in old and new buildings. Wood window sills take a lot of beating. They get too dry in summer and rot in winter when they get wet and don’t dry properly until long summer days. Also, wood sills can suffer from infestations. Rotten sills look really poor and spoil the whole look of the window. Old and weak lumber sills can affect frames, therefore, your sash windows may not be so strong and break easier. Exterior window sill replacement service allows to save your windows and protect your house from moisture getting trapped and causing mold growth around your window.

We use top-quality timber when replace window sill outside. Newly installed sills don’t only look pretty but tend to last for ages. We will help you to choose the size of a new indoor sill so, you can also place your favorite plants and photos on it. Wood windowsills can be painted on request. We can also offer to replace all the sills apart from the damaged one. Our technicians will be able to detect small problems and offer you to replace old windowsills before they start leaking and tilting. Usually, sills get damaged underneath, therefore, they become weak and tilt. Replacement window sill angle service will allow good rain drainage and won’t allow water to build up on the windowsills causing stains and penetrating the material.

Fixing a Leaking Window Sill

Ask ARAX company to fix a window sill on the day if you detected that the water gets inside your house. As you know water causes mold especially during the winter season, therefore, it’s important to detect a leak as soon as possible and deal with it. Water can cause severe damage to your wallpapers or painted walls. If you can’t examine and detect why your window leaks, invite professionals.

If you live in an old building, then you must have concrete windowsills. Even though concrete seems to be a very solid and durable material, it can also break. For example, cracks can lead to the sill changing its shape and tilting. If your concrete painted sill gets cracked, our technicians can fill in the cracks with caulk and paint the windowsill.

Leave Replacing Your Window Sill to Experts

Contact ARAX company and find the cost to replace rotted window sill. By knowing the type of your window sill, the material, its thickness, and length, we can tell you an approximate price. If you don’t have an opportunity to measure your windowsill yourself or don’t want to delay the process of replacing window sill inside or outside, then get our experts to do it. Our technicians carry all the required tools to measure your window sill and give you a quote.

We also deal with a wide choice of window problems. For example, we can replace spring in window, repair glass panes and restore a broken frame. We are true windows doctors who know how to keep your windows in perfect condition without spending an enormous amount of money.

Replacing an old and almost broken sill is not that easy. It’s heavy and if you don’t have anyone to help you, the process of taking off the old windowsill can take a long time. Also, if your sill is positioned high, you will need a ladder. If you don’t have one, then standing on a chair and dealing with such a heavy piece of wood can be tricky. This is why it’s best to leave the job to professionals and get us to provide you a quality sill repair service. We have plenty of ideas for you. While ordering a new windowsill, we can offer you various ideas, materials, and shapes to match the design of your home.